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What Causes Dry Skin?

Although the general reason for dry, itchy skin may, in fact, seem like a no-brainer; it’s got to be a lack of moisture in your skin, right? But what causes that lack of moisture in your skin? Can dry skin be reversed? 

Hydrate Salon can answer these questions for you, as well as offering treatment for skincare, including waxing that is customized to your specific needs. 

Causes Of Dry Skin?

In many instances, encountering dry skin or xerosis cutis is not a major concern and is incredibly common, according to MedlinePlus. However, dry skin can develop in any person at any age, and can pop up anywhere on the body at any time, from your hands and face to your legs and tummy. Dry skin can cause your skin to be red, flaky, and itchy which can be bothersome at best, but normally isn’t anything to be extremely concerned about.

Unfortunately, there are times when dry skin can be severe, which may indicate a separate underlying issue with your skin or health. If you’re experiencing discomfort from dry skin to the point that it interferes with your sleep or day to day activities, or if your skin is so dry that it cracks and bleeds, you should see a skin specialist. Lindsey, Melanie and Natalie will be happy to discuss your skin problem and how to safely treat it.

Can Dry Skin Be Treated or Reversed?

Instinctively, when you notice that your skin seems to be getting drier, you’ll probably set out to find a lotion or moisturizer that swears by dry skin treatment. And while that may work to soften your skin, it’s only a temporary fix, so the goal is to find and rectify the source of your dry skin. 

Regenexx has put together a list of culprits that could be causing your dry skin and ways to combat dehydrators, so if you’re looking for dry skin remedies, check this list first to see if these offenders may be causing it. If one of these is the culprit, you should see changes within one to two weeks. 

1. Fragrance May Cause Skin Irritation

Did you know that fragrance can irritate your skin or worsen your dry skin? It’s because fragrance is one of the most common sources of allergic contact dermatitis.

Some lotions and creams can do more harm than good when they are full of perfumes and other chemicals. When purchasing your lotions or moisturizers, see if the word “fragrance” is in the ingredients list and remember “fragrance-free” is your friend. 

2. Don’t let Soap Sap Moisture From the Skin and Scalp

Detergents, soaps, and even shampoos generally work to reduce the moisture of your skin and scalp since they are technically formulated to remove oil. 

Ask about our Éminence Organic Skin Care system that delivers high quality natural skin care created with certified, premium, European quality herbs, fruits, and flower buds. Or our Sorella Apothecary skincare system. This system proudly touts that it’s free of Mineral Oils, Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, and Petroleum. 

3. Genetics Plays a Role, Too

So you may have to chalk this one up to your parents. According to an NIH study, dry skin is hereditary. There is an estimated 10% of the population who suffer from dry skin due to genetics. If dry skin is something that you’ve struggled with, or it runs in your family, take extra care that your skin is regularly moisturized.

4. Acne Medications and Retinol

A staple of acne treatment, salicylic acid has proven to be great at minimizing and treating acne flare-ups. However, salicylic acid may also cause dry skin in the early days of use, according to MedlinePlus. Unfortunately, dry skin just happens to be a common side effect of retinol as well, according to a study by The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology in August 2017.

5. Dry Air From Inside and Outside 

Oftentimes, dry air from inside or outside can cause your skin to dry due to the forced air on the inside and seasonal changes from outside. Consider using a humidifier to restore some moisture in your home. 

6. Some Medical Conditions Can Cause Dry Skin

Psoriasis and eczema are common skin conditions that cause dry skin. According to Harvard Health and Penn Medicine, dry skin could also be a sign of certain medical conditions like:  

If you notice inflamed areas of crusting, intense itchiness, or hyperpigmentation, and rough, flaky, or scaly patches on the skin, it may be time to visit the doctor. 

Call The Beauty Experts

The team at Hydrate Salon and Spa want you to always love the skin you’re in. We understand that life can and does take its toll on your skin, which is why we’re here to help restore the glow of your natural skin. If dry skin tends to be a problem, and you need a skin treatment plan that’s right for you, contact us today. Megan would be happy to schedule an appointment for you, and we are located in the North Scottsdale area of Arizona.

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