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Have you heard the saying, as a woman, you should take care of your hair – that’s the crown you will never take off? Well, that’s true! For this, among other vital reasons, Hydrate Salon & Day Spa offers a variety of services for our clients.

From trendy cuts to balayage, we have the solution to look perfect for any occasion. Our stylists use their unique skills and expertise to help you reach your maximum potential. Read on to learn about all the services Hydrate Salon & Day Spa has to offer!


Haircuts are among our essential salon services. Our stylist possess skills that enable them to work with all types of hair. Rest assured, when you book your haircut at Hydrate Salon & Day Spa, you are working with a professional from the time you call to schedule your appointment to when you leave with your fresh new look. Call us today to schedule with one of our stylists! 


If you are looking for options to transform your look, enhance your skin tone or complement your best facial features, changing your hair color can do the trick. Our stylists start by taking time to comprehend your preference and needs and work with your desires to bring your vision to reality. Whether you want a single color process or complex colors with several approaches, our stylists can do it all. Plus! When coloring hair, we use Olaplex to make it shinier and healthier. We also offer corrective color by consultation.

Hair Salon

Conditioning Treatment

It’s no secret that hair products and styling tools damage hair. Depending on the types of products you are using, your hair can brittle and dry resulting in split ends and breakage. We have smoothing and conditioning treatments customized with restricting formulas responsible for replenishing and repairing damaged hair.

Hair Extensions

In the current era, hair extensions are becoming more popular daily. Most women feel more beautiful with long and lush hair. The truth is it requires a lot of patience to grow natural hair long to meet the desired volume.  But this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the privilege of long hairstyles. Our stylist can identify suitable hair extensions that will blend naturally with your current hair. Whether you require Easihair Pro Hair Extensions or Halocouture Hair Extensions, the Hydrate Salon & Spa Inc. got you covered.

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Now it’s time to enjoy a quality salon experience in Scottsdale, AZ.  Experience the highest level of pampering with the latest hairstyles at the Hydrate Salon & Spa Inc. Request our exceptional services today by giving us a call or making an appointment online.

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