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The Perfect Haircut: 7 Tips To Get The Perfect Cut

The Perfect Haircut: 7 Tips to Get the Perfect Cut

If you think about it, a haircut doesn’t occur that often in a year. On average, most men will get their hair cut 6 times per year while women do it 4 times a year. And of course, some haircuts stand out among the rest. You probably know what we’re talking about: the perfect haircut. When you walk out of the salon and feel your best because of your hair. It’s an energy that radiates with absolute confidence.

The experts at Hydrate Salon & Spa want that for you every time you get a haircut. We want you to leave our salon knowing you have the perfect haircut. So here are our best 7 tips to get the perfect cut.

#1 Check with Yourself First

To get the perfect haircut, you first have to decide what you want. It might sound obvious, but people forget to do this. Simply ask yourself some questions to determine what haircut will be best. Some common questions include:

  • How much maintenance do I want with my new cut?
  • Have I tried this style before?
  • Does this style suit my personality?
  • How will I style it every day?
  • How will I style it for any significant occasions coming up?

Answering some of these will help you determine what haircut is best for you. You can also check with a few friends about your ideas.

#2 Find and Save Pictures of the Style You Want

You know what they say: a picture is worth a thousand words. When you decide on a style you want, it’s extremely helpful to come to the salon with pictures of celebrities with that cut. It will help you better describe and show what you’re looking for. Plus, it can also be beneficial to have any photos of cuts to show specific things you do not want. Don’t be afraid to spend some time doing photo research before your next haircut.

#3 Book a Consultation 

Sitting down and talking with a stylist before getting your haircut goes a long way. You can learn more about that stylist’s experience and expertise while asking any questions or worries you have about your haircut’s style. A good stylist will ask you questions too to better know exactly what you’re looking for. Booking a consultation gets you one step closer to that perfect cut.

#4 Find a Salon and Stylist You Love

It’s your hair. Don’t treat it lightly by going to a bad salon or stylist who you don’t like. Do some research on professional salons near you. Browse their services and customer testimonials or ask around with friends and family. You want to find the salon best fit for you.

#5 Explain What You Want

Be specific when you ask what you want. For example, don’t just say “shorter” when you can specify how many inches should come off. Try to use as much detail as possible when you describe your ideal style and be sure to reference the pictures you bring. Highlight things that work and don’t work in the pictures, so the stylist has a vivid understanding of what you want and what works.

#6 Ask for Styling Advice

While you are at the salon, ask your stylist for advice on how to style your hair once you’re gone. Because your hair might look fantastic when you walk out, but when you wake up the next day you’ll need to know how to best style it up again. See if there are any particular techniques, tools, or products that you can use. This will make your haircut the perfect haircut not just for the day but the long haul, right up until your next perfect haircut.

#7 Treat Yourself

You can finally make it the perfect haircut by treating yourself in another way. You’re already at the salon, so why not add an extra beauty service to give you even more confidence and excitement with your cut. Maybe it’s a manicure or pedicure or facial. Or it could even be a hair coloring or extension to work with your style. But the point is to make it a real spa day to ensure the perfect cut.

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