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5 Nail Salon Safety Tips for Manicures & Pedicures

5 Nail Salon Safety Tips for Manicures & Pedicures

When you go to the nail salon for a manicure or pedicure (or both), you want to leave revitalized. Most women don’t realize, however, that a manicure and pedicures have a few safety hazards associated with them if not done correctly. In fact, according to Vital Record, the news outlet for Texas A&M Health, the top 5 health risks at nail salons are nail fold infection, follicular infection, contact dermatitis, warts, and cancer/aging. 

Of course, those health risks are in the minority and happen on rare occasions. But it’s important to still be vigilant with your mani-pedi. That’s why Hydrate Salon and Day Spa offers 5 tips everyone should use before you get your nails or feet done.

#1 – Look for Licensed Salons

Check to make sure that the nail salon you’re planning on going to is licensed. Licensing requirements will vary state from to state, but the nail technicians and company itself likely need to be licensed. This ensures that everyone undergoes proper, specific training so they can care for their nails safely.

On top of making sure that a technician is skilled at their job, the licensing provides the expertise and knowledge to notice infections, prevent bacteria transmission, and treat special cases (like preventing hangnails).

#2 – Inspect the Salon’s Cleanliness

Next to licensing, you’ll want to keep an eye out for how the tools are clean and sanitized. Everything that touches the skin, primarily tools and work areas, should be cleaned between clients. Proper sanitization eliminates the spread of bacteria (which can cause infection) and germs (keeping you healthy). And, you’ll have a more comfortable, relaxing salon experience as a result of the salon’s cleanliness.

#3 – Avoid Toxic Chemical Nail Polish

Beauty brands include chemical components that keep polish long-lasting and shiny. Yet, there are some toxic chemicals you should avoid. The chemicals can damage the nail bed and even lead to disorders. The “toxic trio” to stay away from is toluene (solvent for polish sticking), formaldehyde (compound variant to harden polish), and dibutyl phthalate (a polymer found in glue).

#4 – Don’t Overdo It with Nail Visits

A break can be good for your nails, so limiting a mani-pedi to once a month can be helpful. Repeated UV light exposure can bring an increased chance of skin cancer. You can also ask your salon if they try to limit UV radiation with their LED lights.

If you aren’t looking to get a mani-pedi, may we recommend a haircut or facial? You’ll find those to be just as revitalizing and confidence-inducing.

#5 – Do Your Part to Ensure Your Nails Are Healthy

At the end of the day, you have to make sure you’re contributing to good health for your nails. Simply painting over lines or spots or ignoring hangnails and other problems won’t resolve the underlying issues. You might need to skip the salon and book a doctor’s appointment if your nails are splitting, discoloring, or blackening.

Additional Nail Salon Advice

Reach out to your stylist before your appointment to see if they have any other advice. For example, you can apply a rich moisturizing cream to your nails to keep them healthy. Or, maybe a stylist might recommend not shaving your legs before a pedicure. It will depend on the person, stylist, and salon.

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