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5 Major Health Benefits of Spa Treatments

According to Statista.com, the United States spa industry reported over 192 million visitors in 2019 alone. Clearly, Americans are seeking out spa treatments on a regular basis. But why are Americans spending their time and money on these spa days? Each person might have their own answer, but one thing is for sure: spa treatments can mean major health benefits for those that go on a regular basis. Read on as we discuss five of the major health benefits spa treatments have on regular goers.

About Spa Treatments

Spa treatments can really range in the service or services received by the client. Some spas offer massages, facials, pedicures, manicures, dermaplaning, waxing, hot tubs, and cold tubs, among other services. Regardless of the specific type of treatment, each is truly designed with the intent of relaxing the spa-goer to the max. Regular spa-goers know this benefit of their treatments, but sometimes the health benefits can go a bit unnoticed. Let’s discuss those now.

Benefits of Spa Treatments

Though there are many more than this, here are a few health benefits of spa treatments:

Improved Mental Health

Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits of spa treatments is the improvement of one’s mental health. When undergoing spa treatments, the body feels good and confidence is improved. This often helps to promote healthy, good thoughts. Additionally, spa treatments can take one’s mind off of difficult situations that are outside of the spa. Sometimes, a distraction is all one needs to dig out of a particular mental health rut. However, spa treatments are not a substitute for mental health treatment. You should seek professional medical advice for additional treatment and diagnosis.

Anti-Aging Benefits

Life can take a toll on one’s skin. By taking the time to go to the spa, you are re-investing in the skin you have. Spa treatments can help moisturize and reduce lines in the skin – both important aspects of keeping your skill happy, healthy, and youthful-looking. In addition, spa professionals can recommend at-home treatments to supplement your spa routine to aid in anti-aging efforts.

Better Sleep

Hot water and other spa treatments help us relax. This, in turn, helps us sleep better. This makes sense, as we know it is always difficult to sleep when we are stressed or anxious. Good, long sleep comes often when we are most relaxed.

Soothe Pain

Different spa treatments can aid in pain reduction. Regardless of why you feel pain in your muscles or joints, some spa treatments can help to reduce this. This is often achieved through increased blood flow that is a result of certain treatments. Increased blood flow can help all kinds of pains throughout the body.

Headache Reduction

Many spa treatments dilate the body’s blood vessels. According to lifehack.org, this, combined with the relaxation your body feels, can help to reduce headaches caused by a buildup of pressure in your head. 

Hydrate Salon Can Help

If you could use any of the above health benefits, allow us at Hydrate Salon and Spa to help. Our team offers many types of spa treatments to help your health, such as dermaplaning, waxing, tanning, and more. Our team of seasoned professionals is well-versed in helping your spa experience be totally relaxing and enjoyable. We seek to build lasting, strong relationships with our clients so that you feel totally known and at home in the salon. You can come to expect high-quality treatments and even high-quality service from our team. Our goal is to have you feeling great in the skin you’re in and to help you relax to the max.

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