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Protecting Your Hair From Sun Damage

The sun can seriously take a toll on you in the summer. While it can be great to enjoy a day in the sun, the effects of it on your skin and energy levels, in particular, can be clearly seen. But what about your hair? Can the sun affect your hair? The answer is a resounding yes from professionals. Read on to learn about how the sun affects your hair and what you can do to help prevent the damage it does.

The Sun and Your Hair

Regardless of hair type, hair is prone to damage. The sun’s damage is no exception. However, finer and lighter-colored hairs are more prone to UV damage. The sun’s damage to hair can manifest itself in one or more of a few ways. 

First, any discoloration can be an indicator that the sun has affected your hair. Be on the lookout for changes in color, as this may be a sign of too much exposure. In addition, changes in texture can indicate sun damage. Finally, split ends are a tell-tale sign of sun damage. This is because the sun penetrating your hair can make it more prone to damage. Certainly, these could be caused by other issues, but it is worth looking at your sun patterns if these are seen in your hair.

Tips for Protecting Your Hair

Even if your hair has suffered some sun exposure already, there are things you can do to minimize the further effects of sun damage on your hair, such as:

Wear A Hat

It is a good idea to wear a wide-brimmed hat when out in the hot sun. This will ensure your hair is not getting direct exposure to the sun.

Use An Umbrella

Alternatively, you can also use an umbrella to protect your hair from sun exposure. Neither of these will be a 100% barrier between your hair and the sun’s powerful rays, but it will certainly lessen the intensity on the hair.

Check Your Products

It is a good idea to ensure your hair products have SPF included in them. Contrary to belief, SPF is not just for skincare! Your hair’s products, such as shampoo and conditioner, can and should have SPF in them to protect against rays.

Watch The Hours You Are Exposed

Similar to protecting your skin, you’ll want to be mindful of the hours you are in the sun if you can help it. The sun peaks in the late morning and early afternoon, so avoid those times for direct sunlight if you can help it.

Rinse Your Hair After Swimming

If you have been swimming in a pool that has chlorine in it, be sure to rinse your hair out when you are done swimming. This helps harmful chemicals leave your hair more quickly so the damage they have alongside the sun is minimized.

Minimize Heat Styling

If you are going to be out in the sun, watch the number of times per week you are using heat styling products. These can multiply the damage the sun has on your hair. If you do have to style with heat, be sure to use a heat protectant.

Hydrate Salon Can Help

If you are looking for help with sun-damaged hair, look no further. We at Hydrate Salon love to help you achieve your hair goals of having lucsious and healthy locks. Our team is professional, focusing on building meaningful relationships with our clients, and has the experience in the industry that makes us a cut above the rest. You will leave our salon feeling refreshed and pampered, as well as being truly cared for by our team.

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