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How Long Does A Spray Tan Last?

A spray tan is an excellent way to get a beautiful glow without harmful UV rays. At Hydrate salon, we believe that to have a beautiful tan, you need to have healthy skin. We have tans that make you look and feel good. Our spray tans leave your skin with a gorgeous glow. So how long does a spray tan last?

How long will your tan last?

Well, it depends on factors such as skin health, pre-spray care, and your complexion. A spray tan can last for about 10 days, depending on your skin. If you have a lighter skin tone, your spray tan will last for about 5 days. For darker skin tones, the tan can go for up to 10 days. Medium skin tones last the tan for 7 to 8 days. Here are some tips that will help the tan go a long way.

What You Should Do Before Your Spray Tan

Getting the perfect spray tan starts before you walk into the studio. Preparation is also crucial. Pre-spray affects how long the tan will last. Here’s how to prepare for your spray tan.

Put on loose clothing

When going for your spray tan, wear flip flops and t-shirt dresses. You should avoid bras, denim, and yoga pants. 

Exfoliate at least 4 hours before your tanning session

Exfoliation gets rid of dead skin cells that cause flaking. Exfoliating several hours before your appointment gives your pores time to close. Make sure you use oil-free exfoliants. The oil creates a barrier that prevents the tanning solution from being absorbed. 

Shower hours before your appointment

Going to the tanning tan immediately after having your shower leads to poor results. The tan will not stick to your skin. 

Don’t use moisturizers

You should go to your tanning appointment with clean skin. Moisturizers only make it hard for the spray tan to stick to your skin. 

Do your beauty services first

You should wax, do facials, massage and manicures before the appointment. However, don’t wax within 24 hours of your tanning session. Waxing opens your pores and will only leave them larger.

Book your appointment two days earlier

If you want to attend a big event with tanned skin, you need to book two days earlier. You’ll give your skin time to adjust to the tan. 

After The Spray Tan

You have your glow. What next? Your post-spray routine is important to make the tan last longer. Here are tips that will help.

Don’t put on tight clothing

You should wear loose-fitting clothes for the first 24 hours. Tight clothes like yoga pants, denim, and bras will rub against your skin and remove the tan. Only wear flip-flops for as long as is needed.

Apply baby powder

You should avoid deodorant after your spray tan session. Sprays have ingredients that can result in unwanted patchiness. Sweating also leads to spots and streaks. So you should only use baby powder after having your new tan. Use the powder on your inner elbows, underarms, back of knees, and under your butt.

Don’t wash off for at least six hours

Avoid taking a shower for at least six hours after your spray tan session. You’ll give your skin enough time to absorb the tan and get an even shade. If possible, leave the tan for 12 hours before taking a shower. 

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