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The Differences Between Gel And Acrylic Nails

Are you sick and tired of a manicure that won’t last? Gel and acrylic manicures can fix that! As you leave regular polish in the past to upgrade to a more long-lasting manicure, you may wonder which is the best path to take: gel or acrylic. Both application styles will produce a beautiful manicure, however, there are some important differences to be aware of before you decide what manicure is the best for you. This article will provide you with crucial information on how gel and acrylic nails differ in application, look, removal, and nail health. 

Gel Nails

Gel polish application is a quick, three-step process. A base coat, color, and topcoat are applied to each natural nail. They are then cured by UV light in between each coat. After the final cure, your nails will be dry, shiny, and ready for you to conquer the world. This manicure will last between two and three weeks. When you are ready to remove your manicured nails, you will need to wrap each nail in tinfoil with an acetone-soaked cotton pad for about fifteen minutes. One drawback to a gel manicure is the possibility of peeling at the edges. Sometimes gel polish can easily be lifted off, however, this problem can be mitigated with proper application. Gel manicures also tend to be more durable than other manicured nails. Unlike acrylic powder, the gel does not break but rather bends. This makes a gel manicure perfect for someone who is constantly using their hands. After the removal of a gel manicure, your natural nails should still be intact and healthy when removed correctly. 

Acrylic Nails

The application process of acrylic nails is a little more complicated than gel. The first step to an acrylic application is the preparation of the nail. The nail is prepared by being filed and applying a nail extension tip. After that, a mixture of acrylic powder and monomer liquid is brushed onto the nail. At this stage, the nail will look chunky and uneven. The manicurist will then buff and file the nail to create your desired shape. Once the nail has been established, regular polish is applied. An acrylic manicure allows for long and beautifully shaped nails that will last about three weeks. For someone who works with their hands a lot, an acrylic manicure may not be the best option. Although it will not peel and very rarely will lift, acrylic nails are prone to breaking. This makes an acrylic manicure optimal for those who are not doing repeated, forceful tasks using their hands. When removing acrylic nails you must have it done professionally. Acrylic nails, if not removed correctly, can cause very brittle nails. After you remove your manicure, it is likely your nails will be long yet quite thin from all the filing done. This is an important fact to note if you value the health of your nails strongly. 

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Both a gel and acrylic manicure will give you shining, long-lasting results that will make anyone jealous. So, whether you decide a gel or an acrylic manicure is best for you, Hydrate Salon can provide you with a beautiful, well-done manicure. Treat yourself to nails that will last and contact us to make an appointment today! 

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