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Benefits of Body Waxing

According to TheCut.com, over 99% of women in the United States remove their body hair. Though nearly all women do so in some fashion, there are several methods for removing body hair. From laser hair removal to shaving to waxing, it can feel a bit overwhelming to decide which method is best for you and your body. Waxing is perhaps one of the lesser-discussed means of hair removal. Read on to learn about some of the benefits that body waxing could potentially have for you.

About Body Waxing

Waxing is the process of hair removal where strips of wax are used to remove the unwanted hair from the root. Though common in the United States today, the practice is not at all new.

Body waxing originated in Ancient Egypt around 1150 B.C., where the Egyptians used sugar-based waxes in order to rid themselves of body hair. Today, waxing is used to remove unwanted hair from the face, the legs, underarms, backs, and pelvic regions. The practice is often coupled with an oil in order to protect the skin from the wax. In addition, other oils or creams can be used to reduce pain and swelling post-wax. 

Benefits of Body Waxing

There are several benefits of body waxing, especially in comparison to other methods of hair removal. These benefits include:

Smooth Skin

When you undergo a wax in any body region, the skin is extremely smooth afterwards. Compared to shaving, the skin is much smoother, as the removal is from the root, not just the surface.

It’s Over Quickly

Many people fear the pain associated with waxing. Though certain areas of the skin can be more sensitive than others, waxing is a much quicker method to remove hair than laser hair removal in particular.

Less Irritation

Laser hair removal causes less irritation to the skin than shaving, in particular. No one likes those painful, red, itchy bumps after shaving. Those bumps are non-existent when it comes to body waxing.

Lasts Longer

Body waxing lasts a long time, especially compared to shaving. Many women shave their bodies on a daily to weekly basis, whereas body waxing can last for four to six weeks. 

Thinner Hair

Though it’s not proven, many say that post-wax, their hair grows back thinner. It’s not a bad perk, as it will make each follow-up treatment easier.

Less Ingrown Hairs

Waxing also helps reduce the number of ingrown hairs that one can get as a natural body response to shaving or laser hair removal. Anyone who has had ingrown hair knows that it is not enjoyable, so any reduction of this is welcomed by all.

Saves You Money

Waxing can also be cheaper than expensive laser hair removal or buying dozens of razor heads that are only meant to be used for a few uses.

Hydrate Salon & Spa Can Help

Waxing is a great method for hair removal for many people. The benefits are plentiful and we’d love to discuss them more in depth with you if you’d like. If you’re seeking a place to try or continue body waxing, consider Hydrate Salon & Spa. Our team of professionals loves to help clients achieve the beautiful, smooth skin of their dreams. We pride ourselves on creating a relaxing environment that allows you to feel and look your best.

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